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Upgrade Discount
Posted by Gavin Smart on 28 April 2017

Our Mac IDE Closed Beta continues to go well and we thank all those currently involved for their ... More »

GameMaker Spotlight - HackyZack
Posted by Gavin Smart on 21 April 2017

Some developers go above and beyond when it comes to creating games. They dedicate every waking h... More »

GameMaker Studio 2.0.6 - Upgrade Extension
Posted by Gavin Smart on 30 March 2017

It’s been just over 3 weeks since GameMaker Studio 2’s release, and the reception received has be... More »

GameMaker Studio 2 Mac IDE Closed Beta
Posted by Gavin Smart on 9 March 2017

We have worked long and hard on making GameMaker cross platform and to ensure that it meets every... More »

The Wait Is Over
Posted by Gavin Smart on 8 March 2017

Today marks the official Launch of the highly anticipated GameMaker Studio 2. The global launch f... More »

Maddening Overload - Multiplayer now available!
Posted by Gavin Smart on 6 July 2015

Maddening Overload is available now on PlayStation®4 and with our new multiplayer update,... More »

Simply Solitaire HD update now available
Posted by Gavin Smart on 21 May 2015

Our hugely popular card game, Simply Solitaire HD, has just received an awesome update! Firs... More »

Announcing the YoYo Games’ GameMaker Showcase Game of the Year 2014!
Posted by Gavin Smart on 14 January 2015

This year we've had loads of amazing games added to the GameMaker Showcase and picking the winner... More »

GameMaker: Studio 1.4 is here!
Posted by Gavin Smart on 25 November 2014

Arriving with a whole host of new features, GameMaker: Studio version 1.4 is here! With today's ... More »

We’re enhancing the export power of GameMaker: Studio
Posted by Gavin Smart on 10 October 2014

Today we are announcing that most of the GameMaker: Studio Export Modules will now include their ... More »

GameMaker: Studio v1.4 Early Access is here! Introducing the GameMaker: Marketplace!
Posted by Gavin Smart on 2 July 2014

Today we are releasing GameMaker: Studio update version 1.4 for “Early Access” and we... More »

GameMaker: Studio Celebrates Turning 2!
Posted by Gavin Smart on 22 May 2014

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since GameMaker: Studio launched. But, as the say... More »

Hurry! Tizen App Challenge to Award More Than $4 Million in Prizes to Developers
Posted by Gavin Smart on 27 September 2013

Are you participating in the Tizen App Challenge? Did you know that thanks to GameMaker: Studio y... More »

Update for GameMaker 7 and 8 Customers: Please Read
Posted by Gavin Smart on 1 August 2013

We want to inform all GameMaker 7 and 8 customers that Softwrap, our exclusive technology provide... More »

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