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    Darkera Studios

    Added: 29 April 2012
    Created by: Darkera Studios
    Version: 23

    Game description: Play as Twilight Sparkle and her friends to help Celestia recover her missing magic shards! Sequel coming soon! Follow the sequel's progress from here: http://darkerastudios.weebly.com/pa-development-blog.... (more)

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    Medium-Rated E-version 4
    Added: 01 May 2012
    Created by: TokenXXX

    Pros: Custom made graphics, sounds and some...
    Cons: The blue pony that can fly, is broken...

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    1. Darkera Studios

      Darkera Studios said 12 months ago

      Yeah, there are steps I can take as a programmer to fix those issues, but it's going to take a lot of extra work.

    2. IcyMind

      IcyMind said 12 months ago

      I know what causes the game maker client to crash. When too many of the same sound or instance appear at the same time the game crashes. That's windows 8's sillyness. I really hope they can get a fix for windows 8 soon. This crash happens for all game maker games of course if what I mentioned above happens.

    3. Darkera Studios

      Darkera Studios said about 1 year ago

      Yeah I don't know what Windows 8's problem is with my games. Not a fan of the OS, it's given me and people I know nothing but trouble. I've had people play this game on XP without any issues. Why in the world is Windows 8 unable to run a game that freaking XP can run flawlessly >_<

    4. IcyMind

      IcyMind said about 1 year ago

      Well, looks like this has been updated since last time I played it (look at the oldest comments). I would love to play it again, but unfortunately windows 8 crashes about every game I try to play. Otherwise I remember this being a great game I enjoyed playing. I think rainbow dash was a little broken though as she could fly everywhere (I noticed it was fixed though before the game crashed).