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mario_gamer engine by mario_gamer31

this is not mine i used mussasaurus' mario backround tileset and sprites so theres no credit to give to me.

This is incomplete theres one room and you need to create actions since i dont know how 2 make the item boxes rite.

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Pokemon platinum trainer sprites by sam11297

idk just pokemon platinum sprites...

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87 Musics for your game by SoulStudios

Hope you like it!

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Megaman's Zero sprites by 123454321

Some sprites from X3 ,X4, X5 and X6

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The Dude's Library Final by dude759

All of the prevois ones are included. I fixed the ones that didn't work.
This includes:
-basic controls
-jump controls
-change gravity direction
-align mouse to grid
-enemy health
-do statement
-change and test views
-load sprite (pro)
-load program
-load extesion
-save extension
-current time
-test dates
-advance messages
-draw backgrounds and sprites streched and parts
-change room speed
-make object visible and/or solid
-move to mouse postion
-move towards mouse
-create object at mouse
-36 colored variables (set, draw, groups, else) (new!)
-comment (new!)
In LIB format so just unzip this in C:\programfiles\Game_Maker7\lib. Lite version of Gmaker will work.

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multiple screen shots by tech_droid


put this piece of code in a key press or mouse event.this code asks for the player to enter a file name and then takes a screen shot of the game and saves it to whichever file the game has been saved to. Note that for this code to work the game must be saved as an excutable.

screen = get_string('please enter file name','name');
screen += '.bmp';

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Super Mario bros. level design by Mithos

The layout for every level of super mario bros. including which pipes go where etc. please use tiles to make cos these take ages to load.

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Message Maker 1.0 by viking100

My first extension package (don't worry, everything works!). Includes the following actions: Create message background, button sprite, message size, message mouse color, and get sring. It's free to use, but it would be nice to get credit.

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Morrowind sounds by Arkotar

first pack of sounds from TES3

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Time-saving script for starting ... by Boreal

Allows you to start 3d mode with all the basic settings with only one function!
More details inside.
Please give credit!

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