Gamemaker resources

  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.

Cutscene Example by ChewtoyRF

A gmk that shows you how to make cutscenes.

You will need to know how timelines work.
Check obj_cutscene1_text and timeline_cutscene_1 to see how the text works.

Please give credit if used.

  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.

FPS Sprite RPG by jjhafasdghareharh

Gos with my AK-47, Desert Eagle, and SniperRifle, but this one has a different crosshair.

  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.

weapon sprites by jajogames

some guns i made, pretty real looking, includes ak-47, m-16, sniper rifle, 40 cal pistol, knife, smoke gernade, and c4 explosive, if you use please give credit!!!!

  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.

Frosty Button by SlenderCrow

A nice frosty button made by me. You can say that YOU made it, but it doesn't matter. My work is to make and upload this button.

  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.


A super collection of sprites, backgrounds and music of rpg maker.

Credit me if used this pack.

  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

Easy 3D Extention by BrandonX

An easier way to make 3d games.

  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

MM Extension 2.5 by Martijn Muysers

Here is another version of my extension to Game Maker: MM Extension 2.5. I'm trying to make my extension a huge extension to Game Maker, with very varying functions and uses. I will try to produce an up-to-date help file soon, and I will keep working on this extension.

NOTE: This extension offers a large amount of functions to avoid large pieces of code and to avoid that you have to make scripts yourself. Everything you can do with my extension can also be done without it, but this is just WAY faster.

And PLEASE, if anyone has questions or suggestions, please ask away! I will try to add everything that is requested. You can e-mail me at if you want.

Happy game making! ;)

  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

High Resolution Timer by Yourself

This extension allows you to measure time much more accurately than Game Maker can on its own. Normally, Game Maker can only measure times accurate to about 16 ms, but with this extension you can measure times accurate to smaller than one ┬Ás (microsecond; there are 1000000 microseconds in one second). Read the included documentation for more information.

  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

Easy 3D 1.01 by BrandonX

Make 3D games easier... More description in the extention file.

  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

Sound Effects (please give credit!) by MDS96

A bunch of sound effects for game
Includes some sounds from each folder:

-Animals [7 sounds]
-Guns [15 sounds]
-Fire [11 sounds]
-Vehicle [12 sounds]
-Beeps and buzzers [5 sounds]
-Classic (eg. creaking door) [17 sounds]
-Weather [16 sounds]

Total: 84 sounds, 7 folders, 7.69 MB.

All the sounds are in folders in the .zip file.