Game Maker Pro

Game Maker Pro has the following additional functionality:

  • No Game Maker logo is shown when running a game.
  • No regular popups to remind you of upgrading.
  • Use rotated, color blended and translucent sprites.
  • Additional options in the sprite and image editors.
  • More actions e.g. CD music, rotated text, and colorized shapes.
  • Special sound effects and positional sound.
  • Create splash screens with movies, images, web pages, text, etc.
  • A particle system to create explosions, fireworks, flames, rain, and other effects.
  • Advanced drawing functions including example colorized text and textured polygons.
  • Create 3D games.
  • Multiplayer functions allowing you to create network games.
  • Define your own room transitions.
  • Create, load, and modify resources whilst the game is running.
  • Create and use data structures.
  • Functions for motion planning.
  • Include additional files in the game executables.
  • Use extension packages.
  • Define your own trigger events.
  • Game collaboration tools.
  • No GameMaker TV logo.
  • No Ad on exit of your game.

To obtain the Pro Edition, simply download Game Maker 8 and install it. When you start the program you can indicate that you want to upgrade to the Pro Edition online.

Download gamemaker for education here

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