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  1. Skateboarding
    By Clax302
    • Rating: 2.2/5 Stars.
  2. Multiplayer Gta Style Game Current Build-{ 5/19/07 }
    Multiplayer ...
    By Clax302
    • Rating: 3.4737/5 Stars.

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over 7 years ago Clax302 commented on the member wfkproductions

i'll make a version for you wfkproductions...i dont know when itll be done seeing that i havent had much time to work on this in a LONG LONG time its been almost a half of a year since ive been working on this...ive added a few things here and there, but no big enough changes to make a big difference. but ill try to make the option to switch controls to something else...have any ideas?

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almost 8 years ago Clax302 commented on the game Multiplayer GTA style game Current Build-{ 5/19/07 }

i dont know about giving away the edit of it, maybe if you tell me your ideas, and help me incorperate them into the game youll see them make their way in, but as of now i dont think im gonna give away the editable

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almost 8 years ago Clax302 commented on the game skateboarding

im thinking about adding music, im deciding which songs to use, probably just typical skater music, i like the health idea, as soon as i get some animations for flip tricks ill probably add that in some how when you fall if you dont clear something

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about 8 years ago Clax302 commented on the member Stetofire

thanks, im glad you like it, i would have finished it, but i was trying to make a good AI and Pedestrian code for the game and i couldnt figure one out so i gave up, it would be more fun if you could just kill anyone, even though theres only 1 ped and he walks the same path the whole time